Nurturing and Empowering Women in pregnancy and beyond

Chicago Northshore - Home visits for women

We nurture and empower women to experience more enjoyable pregnancies, easier deliveries, and smoother recoveries, on the journey to motherhood


Nurturing and Empowering Women on the journey of pregnancy and beyond

We treat:

Pain in pregnancy or postpartum

Urinary incontinence

Pelvic pain

pain with intercourse or vaginal penetration

pelvic organ prolapse

rectus diastasis

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4 tips to ease postpartum recovery

Important exercises and self care techniques for the postpartum period


What do other women like you have to say?

Rachel F.

While it's never a joy to be suffering from sciatic pain in pregnancy, working with Kate was an extremely positive experience from start to finish. Whereas in my past pregnancy before meeting Kate, I remained in debilitating pain, after working with Kate for several weeks in my next pregnancy doing external PT, she suggested we try pelvic floor PT to get to the root of the problem. I thought it would be terribly uncomfortable and awkward, but Kate made me feel completely at ease. And not only that, she gave me so many wonderful tips for my upcoming delivery and postpartum stage. Kate is professional, warm and determined when it comes to guiding her clients toward better health.

Jackie L.

Kate is a fabulous physical therapist with a multitude of knowledge specializing in female pre and post natal recovery. I was referred to Kate after scouring the Internet and mom groups and everywhere I looked pointed to her. I set up my appointment and I knew after the first visit that she totally understood my needs and actually took my pregnancy hip pains away after that first visit. It got to the point when I was aching for the next appointment to see her because she was some healing goodness that always hit the spot every time, I always left feeling weightless with my spirits lifted from her presence. She’s extremely educated in her techniques and can heal the body internally or externally. I felt that she played a major role in my last pregnancy allowing me to bounce back quicker than ever and experience less complications compared to the first pregnancy.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

We help you enjoy the journey without pain. We make sure you know what labor and delivery positions are best for your body. We make sure you know how to care for your baby without increasing your pain.


We help women enjoy smoother recoveries postpartum.

You should be able to participate in the activities you love while feeling strong, and experiencing no pain or leaking urine.

We help women stop peeing in their pants. If you are leaking with coughing, jumping, exercise, or playing with your kids, then take the first step today.

While leaking a little urine is common it is not normal and you should not have to live with it. You should not have to buy pantyliners, pads, or do extra laundry.