Are you in-network with my insurance?

New Journey Physical Therapy is out of network with all insurances. This means that your treatment will not be restricted by someone you have never met. I get to use my knowledge of the human body to assess your unique physical therapy needs. You get to tell me your goals. Together we determine what is best for you without being directed by your insurance company.

What if I want to use my insurance?

You will receive a superbill after each visit which you can submit it for reimbursement. Based on your out of network benefits your insurance company will pay you directly.

 During pregnancy, Kate focuses on easing your discomforts so that you can enjoy the start of your journey to motherhood. Physical therapy helps to ease the common aches, pains, and discomforts that are often associated with rapid hormonal, body size/shape, and lifestyle changes. Whether this is your first, second, fifth, or twelfth pregnancy journey Kate can help. You deserve to be able to enjoy a pain-free pregnancy as you prepare to welcome your baby into this world.

As you approach delivery, Kate will help you prepare for labor. This includes educating you on positions and comfort measures in labor to reduce the risk of any recurrence of pain. Kate will provide Delivery preparation and in labor treatments also include ligament balancing, pelvic balancing, and positional recommendations to ease labor.

Immediately postpartum you may be experiencing pain due to tearing, abdominal incision after cesarean, or posture abnormalities. Normal recovery from labor and delivery should leave you feeling better each day. Knowing how to speed this recovery ensures that your body returns to optimal health to enable you to enjoy your new baby and all that comes with your new role as mother.

The postpartum period does not end after you are discharged by your OB or midwife. If you have ever had a child, then you are postpartum and it is never too late to get help. If you have never been pregnant, but are experiencing symptoms related to pelvic floor function Kate can help with that too. Kate can help if you are leaking urine (even just a few drops with coughing, jumping, exercising, or playing with your children), experiencing pain, having difficulty returning to exercise, or finding motherhood more physically exerting than you were prepared for. Kate treats all conditions from the bottom half or your abdomen through the top half of your thighs (hip, pelvic, low back, and abdominal dysfunctions).